Value & Affordability

The cost of a college education remains one of the largest investments of capital a person will make in her/his lifetime. It is not only a financial investment, but it is an investment of the most critical years in a person’s life, when world views, professional and personal decisions, and commitments to ideals are shaped.

As a private research university, the scale of this investment is not lost on us, and it is our renewed promise that the value of the USC education will enrich their chosen paths throughout their lives.

In the data-rich world we inhabit, the increasingly personalized nature of medicine and communications have revolutionized our choices and experiences. It’s time for the same revolution to take place in education, and USC is ready to meet the challenge of providing personalized education that will provide lifelong value.

Of course, the most valuable education can provide no benefit to deserving students if it is not affordable. Therefore, it is USC’s ongoing mission to create resources—including the pool of $300 million in financial aid—to support our students in their pursuit of education.

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